Head heavy badminton rackets


Head heavy badminton rackets are great to produce a powerful smash or push your opponent to the back of the court if you haven’t trained your technique.

Heck, maybe you have and you just want that extra boost of power because it’s damn fun.

Besides smashing, a head heavy badminton racket can often also help you in your smash blocks and if you’re late to the shuttle. This is particularly nice if you get tired easily and find yourself being late to the shuttle as the game progresses as you’ll have to do less work for the shuttle to bounce back over the net.

It does come with its own set of downsides though. Often these rackets are tricky to make work well around the net and on other soft shots.

This category is among the most popular type of racket and the top brands tend to produce the biggest selection compared to other racket types.


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