Badminton Resources

Here’s a list of badminton resources I’ve found in my research. I’ll update it every now and then.

Badminton – General

Badminton World Foundation – The official website of the sport’s governing body

BWF TV – Stream live badminton matches for free from the official youtube channel

Flashscore – Follow livescores for badminton

Badminton – North America

BadmintonUS covers all things badminton in the US incl. nearby courts, racket recommendations, videos, and more.

Badminton – Europe

Badminton Europe – The official website of the sport’s European community

Badminton – Blogs

Badminton Bites – This blog covers everything about badminton from its history, and former famous players to gear reviews and on-court strategies

Badminton – Online Training

Badminton Famly – Online Training programs made by XD World Champion (and former World #1) Thomas Laybourn and Professional Coach Phillip Ørbæk.