Badminton rackets


Here you’ll find a ton of badminton rackets and subcategories from different brands like Yonex, LiNing, and Victor including their specifications, technology, and links to relevant reviews.

You can look at this as a free, unbiased badminton racket database to help you in your search for a good racket.

As opposed to my play-tested reviews and buying guides, this is intended to serve as a larger list, or lay of the land, so you can get a sense of what’s available out there across different brands.

That is especially handy if you’re at the beginning of your search and want to create a shortlist of rackets to dive deeper with before selecting your next companion.

I suggest starting with the subcategory of badminton rackets below that is most similar to your existing racket, provided you like it and want something similar with a few tweaks as it’s easier to find the right one if you start from a familiar reference point considering how hard it is to try rackets before buying them.

When you have created a shortlist of five or ten rackets, it’s time to dive into deeper research and compare their specs and reviews, but be aware that the specs can be deceiving. Sometimes, two rackets appear to be similar on paper but play quite differently on the court.

If you struggle to pick between an a few of your shortlisted rackets, check if they are all easily available near you as many rackets are only sold in certain countries around the world.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, check back again soon (or send me an email) as this catalog is updated regularly.