me breaking in badminton equipment before testing
Breaking in badminton equipment: This is me getting a feel for Victor’s A970Ace shoe before testing

I’m a badminton player like you and after buying a few rackets, I got frustrated with how challenging it is to find the right fit.

It feels as if we blindly have to spend hundreds of dollars or adapt to whatever stick we manage to get our hands on. Sure, we might be able to borrow badminton rackets from friends, but how likely is it that we know someone with just the right racket among the hundreds available out there?

Going to the local store and dry-swinging one is another option, but it doesn’t really tell us much and I find that many rackets are often out of stock.

I decided to buy and test badminton equipment in the pursuit of finding a good fit for myself while sharing my experience to help you.

I review gear specifically for beginner and intermediate players as I don’t have the skills to give a fair assessment of the most demanding badminton rackets used by the pros. Maybe it’ll come one day if I get the chance to practice as much as I’d like.