Victor P9200III

The Victor P9200III is a shoe for recreational players who are looking for full-on cushioning and comfort. It’s soft but could use a touch of stiffness.

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Victor P9200III summary

The Victor P9200III feels unusually cushioned with barely any hint of stiffness compared to similar models. It’s a badminton shoe with a focus on support and comfort rather than performance. That makes it bulkier than average and can feel slightly hot to play with during longer sessions.

Its cushioning and shock absorption are outstanding when landing from jumps or lunges.

Overall, you’re getting a decent deal in terms of value for money provided you’re looking for a shoe going all in on cushioning. If that’s you, the 55th-anniversary model seems to be on sale at many stores so you might get a good deal for a flagship shoe.


Who this shoe is best for

The P9200III is well-suited for recreational players who want to emphasize comfort and recovery due to the cushioning and shock absorption you’ll get with the model.


Who this shoe isn’t for

It isn’t well suited for players focused on performance as it is heavier and bulkier than many other models. It sacrifices lightweight and speed for cushioning. Some performance players might even worry that it’s too soft and invites injuries.


Victor P9200III’s pros and cons


  • The cushioning and spongy feeling when landing are great



  • The fit doesn’t feel particularly locked in around your foot



Victor P9200III reviews

Here’s my review after testing the P9200III on court for more than ten hours.


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Navy Blue




Double Mesh, Microfiber PU Leather, V-Tough


VSR Rubber


Drop-in midsole, HYPEREVA, Neo Duplex, Solid EVA, Tri-Arch