Yonex SHB 65z3

Yonex SHB 65z3 is likely Yonex’s most popular badminton shoe with loads of professional and casual players using it. It’s an all-around shoe that balances performance, low weight, and cushioning.

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Yonex SHB 65z3 summary

The Yonex SHB 65Z3 is an all-around performance shoe. It’s a good choice for the player wanting to balance protection and performance.

It has a great fit and grip and offers good value for money, despite a high price point.


Who this shoe is best for

The Yonex 65z3 is for players who are looking for one of the best (and most popular) shoes on the market and want a balance between performance and cushioning.

It’s not the most lightweight or the most protective shoe, rather it blends elements of both to create one of the best badminton shoes when it comes to performance.

I look at it as a terrific all-around shoe, leaning slightly more towards speed and performance over cushioning.


Who this shoe isn’t for

This shoe isn’t for players who prefer ultra-lightweight shoes or shoes that prioritize protection and cushioning above all.


Yonex 65z3’s pros and cons


  • Good balance between performance and cushioning
  • The outsole grip is terrific
  • Unusual ‘ride height’ (which is nice once you get used to it)


  • The width on this shoe will feel slightly wide on some feet (like mine) despite not being the ‘wide’ edition
  • Feels less cushioned than competing models from other brands

Yonex SHB 65z3 reviews

I’ve played in the Yonex 65z3 for a long time. Here’s my review comparing it with other similar models.

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