Badminton Shoes

Here, you’ll find badminton shoes from top brands like Yonex, Li-Ning, and Victor across categories like:

  1. Support (injury prevention or cushioning)
  2. Speed (performance and low weight)
  3. All-around (a balance between the two categories above)

If you’re unsure which category is best for you, consider the following suggestions or check out my guide on the best badminton shoes in test.

Usually, you’ll find that supportive shoes are a good fit for recreational players who aren’t competing in tournaments.

On the other hand, the speed category is popular among players competing in tournaments whether professionally or as a hobby as they tend to prefer a model that is more barebones in exchange for low weight and less heat.

Finally, the all-around category is for players who don’t find themselves in either of the two first categories or someone wanting a balance of everything without going all-in in one direction.

Among Li-Ning badminton shoes is a model that comes the closest to the perfect on-court shoe for me. I prefer one with a touch of stiffness, a high upper heel to lock the foot in, and a tad extra padding in the toe box to avoid your feet feeling sore and tired after playing.

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