Badminton Gifts

In this section, you’ll find the best badminton gifts for friends and family who love the sport. I regularly update this section with new gifts as I discover new ideas.

One of the hardest things about finding good badminton gifts as someone who doesn’t play is knowing which items require you to pick specific specs based on the player’s preferences, and which items are easier to get right.

As an example, rackets, shoes, and training classes are difficult to get right unless the player has already specified the exact specs they prefer (and if they are dedicated enough to want coaching).

Things like foam rollers and massage guns tend to be useful gifts, provided that the player cares about stretching and taking care of their body (most casual players don’t care).

Shuttles tend to be a slightly better option, but it’s required that you know the speed number they usually play with (often speed 78 or 79 in colder environments like most of Europe or the US during fall, winter, and spring. On the other hand, in hot environments like most of Southeast Asia, speed 75 or 76 is more suitable).

Some of my favorite gift items are:

  • Towels (to dry sweat off between games)
  • Apparel
  • Casual sports clothes to wear after playing, like a nice t-shirt

Check the items below or contact me for more ideas (via the ‘contact me’-page in the header menu).

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