Victor A970Ace

Victor A970ACE is a flagship shoe in their all-around series and offers a good blend of performance and cushioning. It’s among my favorite shoes at the moment.

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Victor A970Ace summary

The Victor A970Ace is a terrific flagship shoe in the all-around performance category. It offers good value for money for what it’s trying to do and it’s a great choice for the badminton player valuing performance with a touch of cushioning and injury protection.


Who this shoe is best for

This shoe will be a good fit for the tournament player who is serious about performance as it blends protection and cushioning with speed and lightness.

It’s also a good fit for the casual player who prefers performance that leans towards comfort or doesn’t feel like the other shoe categories suit them well.


Who this shoe isn’t for

This shoe can be a decent choice for senior players, but there are better options out there if you prioritize protection against injuries or extra cushioning (see this article on best badminton shoes for ideas).


Victor A970Ace’s pros and cons


  • The purple pillows near the heel feel great and balance a nice feeling of being locked into the shoe with some soft cushioning
  • The overall fit of this shoe has been terrific for my feet


  • I wish it had slightly more cushioning underneath the toes in the toe box
  • The insole is nothing special


Victor A970Ace reviews

Here’s my review of the awesome Victor A970Ace after testing it for ten hours on court and continuing to play with it for nearly a year.


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Double Mesh, Microfiber PU Leather, V-Durable+


Carbon Power, E-TPU, HYPEREVA, Solid EVA, TPU


VSR Rubber