Badminton towel

This badminton towel is an example of a thicker one that can help absorb sweat from face, fingers and arm between games or rallies.

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As is the case with many sports, badminton tends to make you sweat quite a bit, especially if you’re playing in warmer countries. That’s where a badminton towel comes in, as it can help you avoid feeling like you’re unable to grip your racket properly without it slipping out of your hand as you hit the shuttle.

This especially shows itself when you’re under pressure in defense and have to switch grips quickly to block a smash to your forehand, followed by one to your backhand, for example.

As someone who plays in an extremely hot environment, I’ve also felt sweat sneaking its way down my forehand and into my eyes. To me, being able to wipe off your face, fingers, and arm between games makes a meaningful difference to how comfortable I feel playing despite using a suitable grip that helps with sweat as well.

Any towel can help, but softer or thicker ones tend to be nice for this purpose as they can absorb more sweat, and those with badminton-related prints are more fun.