Resistance band for badminton

Resistance bands are a useful tool for badminton players. They can be used both for warming up, off-court exercises at the gym like leg day, and to make your footwork training more challenging.

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A resistance band for badminton (also known as therabands) might not have the most obvious use case in the badminton world, but they can be effective nonetheless.

They are good for warming up or training in both off-court exercises and footwork as they introduce that little extra resistance forcing you to work harder.

This example of a resistance band for badminton comes in a beginner set, an advanced set, and a super advanced set (each one sold separately). They’re color-coded so you’ll be able to tell the difference in resistance and when you’re leveling up.

The resistance levels in the beginner set are:

  • Yellow – 3-4.3 lbs (1.36kg – 1.95kg)
  • Red – 3.7-5.5 lbs (1.67kg – 2.49kg)
  • Green – 4.6-6.7 lbs (2.08kg – 3.03kg)