Tripod for badminton: UBeesize 92’’

This Ubeesize 62″ tripod for badminton is sturdier than the most affordable models out there. That means you can depend on it not to fall apart while you’re playing and it’s compact size makes it easy to travel with.

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Many badminton players enjoy recording their games either to improve their skills or just as a fun memory. While I haven’t found any dedicated tripod for badminton, this model is a good fit.

You can get a more affordable tripod for badminton than this one, but you might find that it isn’t worth the money. During my last tournament, my flimsy and cheap tripod broke before the first game so we had to sit next to it and be ready to catch the phone if it fell during recording.

Not ideal!

I don’t expect that’ll happen with this sturdier model (I haven’t tested this model as it isn’t available where I live, but I’ve upgraded to a similar one to avoid that headache in the future).

(As a fun side note, there are lots of other uses for tripods like using it to watch Netflix on your phone if you don’t have a TV in your bedroom.)

It comes with:

  • Remote control
  • 180° rotation and 360° rotation
  • Magnetic head (to keep your phone in place)
  • Light, compact and easy to travel with