Yonex Astrox 77 Play

Yonex’s Astrox 77 Play is a terrific racket for beginner players who are just entering the sport.

It’s shaft is highly flexible to help with timing in your shots and the balance point is leaning towards head heavy, which helps with power in your shots.


Yonex Astrox 77 Play summary

Yonex’s Astrox 77 Play is a terrific racket for entry-level badminton players who are new to the game and are looking for an all-around racket that can help with everything. It doesn’t have any clear downsides but also doesn’t do anything amazingly well. That’s good when you’re a beginner and not entirely sure which racket is best for you and have yet to develop your style and preferences for how to play.  


Who this racket is best for

Advanced beginner players who are looking for a racket to give them extra power will enjoy playing with this racket. Especially, if you play doubles as it’s great for both the front court, rear court, and in defense. I could also see this being a great gift for someone who wants a new racket but doesn’t know which specifications they like.  


Who this racket isn’t suitable for

Players who are used to a stiffer racket and need less “assistance” with their technique to generate power might feel held back by the flexible shaft.

Players who prefer a heavy smash or a very light and fast racket, due to a specific strategy might find other rackets a better fit. It’s a great all-around racket that isn’t leaning heavily toward attack or defense.


Yonex Astrox 77 Play’s pros and cons


  • Easy to play with all around the court for beginners
  • It’s easy to play with and forgiving on off days when we don’t play well


  • Very flexible (which can feel too flexible if you’re leveling up your skills quickly)



Yonex Astrox 77 Play reviews

I play-tested the Astrox 77 Play on court and I have reviewed it here.  

Additional information

Balance Point

Head Heavy


Highly Flexible





Weight Class


Grip Size