Yonex Astrox 88D Game (2nd Gen)

If you’re looking for a powerful racket for your doubles games, this may be a good contender if you prefer playing the rearcourt.

It’s not as powerful as the Astrox 99 Game or Astrox 100 Game, but it’s slightly easier to play soft shots around the net with.


Yonex Astrox 88D Game summary

For years, the Yonex Astrox 88D has been a popular rearcourt racket for doubles games. The Yonex Astrox 88D Game is the intermediate edition of that racket and this page is referring to the 2nd generation of the racket.

In March 2024, the 3rd generation has been released and I’ll update this when I get a chance to test and review that one as well.


Who this racket is best for

The ideal player type is the rearcourt intermediate player who likes power (and a lot of it). If that’s you and you want extra power beyond what you can generate with raw technique, you will likely enjoy playing with this racket.

You can make this racket work at the front court too, but it requires tight control, and the racket feels better suited for power shots from the back.


Who this racket isn’t suitable for

If you prefer working the front court, you’ll likely feel that this racket has too much power to perform controlled shots to truly put your opponents under pressure.


Yonex Astrox 88D Game’s pros and cons


  • This racket’s power makes it fun to play with and handy when you get tired or are late to the shuttle


  • Among many similar rackets, this one feels forgettable
  • Can feel too powerful around the net



Yonex Astrox 88D Game reviews

I’ve tested this racket for ten hours on court. My review is available here.


Additional information

Balance Point

Head Heavy


Black, Gold





Weight Class


Grip Size